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La Luna Screen Print

I’ve been obsessed with the moon lately. For some reason I’ve taken notice of it more this year. I even took the evening to watch the blue moon rise last Friday. So I feel like this was the perfect time to release our newest print, La Luna! I had been wanting to do this print for a while and after several concepts, I went with a strange size (6″x18″) to house an illustration of the phases of the moon. The lettering is all hand-illustrated as well. I pulled inspiration from vintage space illustrations and old astronomy charts. As for the colors, I was drawn to using a bright orange over white ink on dark gray stock. However I realize that most folks associate the moon with cooler tones. So I printed a blue version as well. I’m tickled with how color blocking the phases of the moon turned out and I hope to do more cosmic inspired pieces. You can find both versions in our shop.




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