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Conan O’Brien Screen Printed Quote

A while back we were asked to design a custom poster that featured Conan O’Brien’s final words during his last night on NBC, “If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” Conan was genuine when he said these words which made it all the more touch and inspiring, no matter who your are. This poster measures 18″x24″ and is printed in white and bright orange on French paper Steel Blue Construction paper. In honor of Conan’s magnificent, gingery pompadour we wanted to use orange as a nod to his unmistakable look. This poster is unique to the client but it inspired an 11″x17″ one-color print that is now available in the shop.

Derek and I both feel that these are words to live by and we thought others would feel the same, so we’re offering an 11″x17″ print in the shop. We printed slate gray on French’s Butcher Orange Dur-O-Tone paper. The Dur-O-Tone has a great finish on it that is hard to photograph but offers a mix of matte and shine that gives the paper dimension.

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