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Chalk Mural at Handsome Biscuit

If you’re local to Norfolk, then you’ve probably made the pilgrimage to Handsome Biscuit to enjoy their delicious sweet potato biscuits piled high with southern goodness. For those who don’t know, they call adding an egg to your biscuit, “adding some sunshine.” Thus, “We got your sunshine, even on a rainy day.” They are a small place, but the side of their building that faces the parking lot is prime real estate for chalk murals. This past Sunday, I joined the small list of local artists who have done a chalk mural on this wall. Although it meant a day in the sun, in August, in Virginia—–I was still incredibly excited about the challenge that lay ahead. The side of the building is rugged and not ideal for straight lines but I made it work. After 7 hours of sweat, balancing on ladders and lots of chalk dust—–I had a piece I was proud of. Here are a few shots from throughout the day. More than anything, what I love about chalk is that it isn’t permanent. Once this gets hit by rain, it will fade and disappear. Then another mural will take it’s place. Just the way it should.









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